Spanish Language



About the Course: A carefully designed three months program covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities meant to improve overall proficiency in the Spanish language.


Course Objective - The course aims at improving the overall proficiency of the learner in Spanish language.


Course Description – This course, Spanish – Basic is an introduction to the Spanish language for graduate or under graduate students and also for working professionals. They will immensely benefit from this course as it aims at imparting reading, writing and spoken abilities in Basic Spanish. The learners will be able to understand as well as speak the sounds, the greetings in everyday situations apart from having a good vocabulary of Spanish words.


Course Outline :

Module a : Introduction to Spanish , its vowels and consonants (Part1 )

Module b: How to Introduce yourself and Consonants (Part 2)

Module c: The Verb Estar , Adjectives and Consonants (Part 3)

Module d: The Verb Ser, Numbers (0-10) and Adjectives

Module e: The verbs of “ar” family, Days – months – seasons, Possessive adjectives

Module f: The verbs of “er” family, Adjectives with Ser and Estar and Verb “hay”

Module g: The Verbs of “ir” family, The Adjectives of Quantity

Module h: The Radical Changing Verbs , Numbers contd and Names of countries

Module i: The verb Tener and its idioms, Some Adverbs of Time and other verbs

Module j: Negation , Idioms, Radical changing verbs and Business vocabulary

Module k: Tourism vocabulary , Personal details, Verb – costar , Idioms

Module l: Personal pronouns after prepositions, Radical verbs and Modismos

Module m: Verb – Hacer and its expression with weather conditions, Radical changing verbs, Adjectives, and other expressions

Module n: How to say Time, Radical changing verbs and Adjectives

Module o: Verbs – conocer and saber and Demonstrative adjectives

Learning Outcome : The learner will be able to :

a. Build skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking and to develop intercultural competence of the learners.

b. Acquire over all proficiency in the Spanish language and its use.

c. Gain knowledge of grammar, enhance vocabulary, and improve general communication skills.

d. Able to demonstrate an understanding of the societies and cultures of the Spanish language, and its socio-historical context.

e. Stay one step ahead, as professionals with demonstrable command over languages and with effective communication skills are sought after by organizations across industries.

Course Format :

a. Main content of the course will be delivered using video lectures.

b. Virtual Interactive Sessions provide clarity and comprehendible content.

c. Descriptive self-learning material will be made available for easy comprehension of the language.


 Certificate Awarding Criteria: High-stake assessment will be conducted. It includes a final evaluation covering all the major sections of the curriculum. This final assessment will serve as the qualifying exam. The grading for the assessment will be done as per the following scheme:





90 and above


















Students qualifying with grades as above will be awarded the Certificate. Those who disqualify will be required to take re-examination.

Course Code : AC025
Duration: 3 Months