Professional Paralegal



*This course covers Indian Laws.


About the Course: This Course will give you an insight into the work profile of a paralegal.


Course Objective:

  1. Provide students with India’s newest career path in Paralegal Studies

  2. Coach students into application and management of Law

  3. Equip students on handling modern operational tools used in Law Firms,  Legal Chambers, Legal Outsourcing Companies and Legal Departments of Multinational Corporation

  4. Train students into basic knowledge about Litigation, Intellectual Property Rights, Real Estate Documentation and Registration, Corporate Laws and Legal Process Outsourcing.

  5. Prepare students into managing legal transactions required for Financial Institutions, such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds, NBFCs, etc.

  6. Assist to inculcate students with best practices and discipline for being a successful paralegal


Course Description:

India’s first professional course in paralegal studies equips students for a unique career path. It teaches students:

  1. Pre-requisites, Scope, Career Path and Job Opportunities for a paralegal.

  2. Essentials of a paralegal

  3. Managing Legal Information: Modern Legal Tools

  4. Managing Litigation: Court Structures, Legal Pleadings,  Handling Evidence and Documentation

  5. Managing Intellectual Property Rights:  Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Confidential Information

  6. Managing Corporate Laws: Corporate Secretarial Work, Share Transfers, Board Meetings and Corporate Compliances

  7. Managing Real Estate Documentation: Types of Real Estate Documents; Registration and Attestations, Legal Documentations such as Sales Deed, Transfer Deed, and Power of Attorneys, Will and Trusts.


Course Outline :

  1. Module I : Introduction

  2. Module II : Managing Information & Records

  3. Module III: Managing Litigation

  4. Module IV: Managing IPRs

  5. Module V: Managing Corporate Law

  6. Module VI: Managing Real Estate Documentations

  7. Module VII: Paralegal at LPO

  8. Module VIII: Managing Banking, Insurance & Finance


Learning Outcome: The learner will be able to

  1. help lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings;

  2. handle paralegal work for in-house legal talent in the country’s leading corporate houses;

  3. prepare the legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court, obtain affidavits, and assist lawyers during trials;

  4. organize and track files of all important case documents and make them available and easily accessible to lawyers;

  5. assist in preparing tax returns, establishing trust funds, and planning estates.


Course Format:

  1. Main content of the course will be delivered using video lectures.

  2. Elaborate content will be provided.


Certificate Awarding Criteria: High-stake assessments. If the student does not perform well in the high stake assessment, he may be asked to take the assessment again. High-stake assessment includes a final evaluation covering all the major sections of the curriculum. This final assessment will serve as the qualifying exam. The grading for the assessment will be done as per the following scheme.





90 and above



















Students qualifying with grades as above will be awarded the Certificate. Those who disqualify will be required to take re-examination.








Course Code : AC002
Duration: 3 Months