Goods & Services Tax



1. About the Course:

The course aims at giving theoretical as well as tool based training to facilitate the members in industry as well in practice by providing them with a platform that proves to be their comprehensive guide towards

everything related to the new Goods and Services Tax, popularly known as GST.

Course Objective

This course will facilitate the learners by:

  • Providing them specialized and updated knowledge in the area of GST in a systematic manner.
  • Enhancing their analytical and problem solving skills for decision making.

Course Description–

GST Program is designed to ensure that you understand what GST

is, how it is different from other taxes, its applicability, its impact on businesses as well the consumers. The course will help in getting a clear picture of how it is making a difference to the economy on a broader level. The course will also help you understand the various concepts behind GST.

2. Duration of the Course:

1 month

3. Course Outline:

  • Topics to be covered in the course are:
  • Definition and concepts under GST
  • Registration in GSTN
  • Levy, Time of Supply, Place of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit, Transitional issues
  • Valuation, Returns, Payment, Refund, Assessment
  • Offences, penalties, Advance Ruling
  • FTP, Customs Duty
  • Ethical Practice and Moot Court

4. Learning Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

a. Explain what is GST and what are its features;

b. Differentiate between GST and other taxes;

c. Understand the impact of GST on businesses and consumers;

d. Describe in detail the various GST related concepts.

5. Course Format:

a. Main content of the course will be delivered using video lectures.

b. Descriptive content and presentations help in better understanding of the domain

6. Certificate Awarding Criteria:

  • The assessment (Objective + Subjective) would be conducted at the end of the course duration and will be graded as follows.

Students qualifying with grades as above will be awarded the certificate. Those who disqualify will be required to take re-examination.

Duration: 1 Month