General English Certificate- Elementary Level



General English Certificate- Elementary Level


About the Course:  A carefully designed three-months program covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities meant to improve overall proficiency in the English language.


Course Objective - The course aims at improving the overall proficiency of the learner in English language.


Course Description – This course is mapped to globally-recognized proficiency levels and is designed in a self-learning mode with video and audio support. Activities in lessons lead to speaking tasks that help to develop confident conversation skills. There are tasks and lessons related to listening and repeating, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary enhancement across units. The review unit is meant to reinforce the learnt concepts and to prepare one for the next module. The program includes various tools to develop grammar, vocabulary, and general communication skills for everyday use. The program is meant for anybody keen to gain knowledge in the English language and its everyday use in personal, educational, and professional contexts. The program will benefit a wide range of learners including college and university students, homemakers, and working professionals across industries and functional areas.


Course Outline :

  1. Module I : Me and My World
  2. Module II : My Growing World
  3. Module III: Health and Sports
  4. Module IV: Things Happen


Learning Outcome: The learner will be able to :

  1. Acquire over all proficiency in the English language and its everyday use··
  2. Develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English·
  3. Gain knowledge of grammar, enhance vocabulary, and improve general communication skills·
  4. Become agile self-learners by imbibing basic self-learning skills presented through the course.
  5. Acquire practical expertise in the English language – a quality highly valued in contemporary global multicultural working environments·
  6. Use the English language daily in academic, professional, and social contexts: at school, college, and university; at workplace; at social or formal occasions; and at home or for leisure·
  7. Stay one step ahead, as professionals with demonstrable command over languages and with effective communication skills are sought after by organizations across industries.

Course Format :

  1. Main content of the course will be delivered using video lectures.
  2. Virtual Interactive Sessions provide clarity and comprehendible content.

Certificate Awarding Criteria: Low-stake assessments as well as high stake assessment. If the student does not perform well in the high stake assessment, he may be asked to take the assessment again. Low-stake assessments include assignments, quizzes. High-stake assessment includes a final evaluation covering all the major sections of the curriculum. This final assessment will serve as the qualifying exam. The grading for the assessment will be done as per the following scheme:





90 and above


















Students qualifying with grades as above will be awarded the Certificate. Those who disqualify will be required to take re-examination.

Course Code : AC003
Duration: 3 Months