Certification in Six Sigma Black Belt Training



Sigma is the most sought after business excellence strategies. Demand for greenbelt professionals is tremendous in global market. This video course is aimed for those who are already completed green belt training, and wish to enhance their analyzing skills in advanced six sigma tools. A Six Sigma black belt heads cumbersome projects and acts as coach/mentor and statistical analyst as well during project realization, this course provides the required knowledge and skills that are sought by a black belt aspirant. Key learning Objectives are to make you: understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create techniques such as Multivariate tools, logistic regression, hypothesis testing, Design of Experiments.

Those who know Six Sigma are knowledgeable in dozens of different methods to reduce costs, increase revenue, streamline business processes and improve employee buy-in, all of which leads to a better bottom line. Six Sigma training also prepares students for a leadership role.

Whatever industry you are involved in, there is every possibility that your business will benefit if employees were to acquire Six Sigma certification.

Six Sigma Black Belt opens up plenty of career opportunities. The potential for job growth will increase along with the overall pay. Those who are trained in this methodology have lucrative ideas and are respected and sought after in their field. Six Sigma Black Belt training can help in a number of ways.

Duration: 3 Months