Big Data Analytics



Big Data Analytics


About the Course: The course aims at giving theoretical as well as hands-on training to learners on Big Data Hadoop, making them industry ready.


Course Objective - The learner will be able to: Master the concepts of Hadoop 2.7 framework and its deployment in a cluster environment


Course Description – Big Data and Hadoop Developer Programme is designed to ensure that you are job ready to take up an assignment in Big Data. This course not just equips you with essential skills of Hadoop 2.7, but also gives you the required work experience in Big Data Hadoop via implementation of real life industry projects spanned across 3 months.

Course gives you a unique offering of executing all the hand-on project work of Hadoop 2.7 with CloudLab – a cloud based Hadoop environment lab.


Course Outline :

  1. Module I: Course Introduction
  2. Module II: Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

  3. Module III: Hadoop Architecture

  4. Module IV: Hadoop Deployment

  5. Module V: Introduction to MapReduce

  6. Module VI: Advanced HDFS and MapReduce

  7. Module VII: Pig

  8. Module VIII: Hive

  9. Module IX: HBase

  10. Module X: Commercial Distribution of Hadoop

  11. Module XI: ZooKeeper, Sqoop, and Flume

  12. Module XII: Ecosystem and Its Components

  13. Module XIII: Hadoop Administration, Troubleshooting, and Security


Learning Outcome: The learner will be able to

  1.  Master the concepts of Hadoop 2.7 framework and its deployment in a cluster environment
  2. Learn to write complex MapReduce programs
  3. Perform Data Analytics using Pig & Hive
  4. Acquire in-depth understanding of Hadoop Ecosystem including Flume, Apache Oozie workflow scheduler, etc.
  5. Master advance concepts of Hadoop 2.7 : Hbase, Zookeeper, and Sqoop
  6. Get hands-on experience in setting up different configurations of Hadoop cluster
  7. Work on real-life industry based projects using Hadoop 2.7


Course Format :

  1. Main content of the course will be delivered using video lectures.
  2. Presentations and diverse course content provide better understandability.
  3. You will be working on 4 live industry-based projects covering around 3.5 Billion Data Points.


Project 1

Domain: Insurance

A US-based insurance provider has decided to launch a new medical insurance program targeting various customers. To help this customer understand the current realities and the market better, you have to perform a series of data analytics tasks using Hadoop. The customer has provided pointers to the data set you can use.


Project 2

Domain: Retail

A US-based online retailer wants to launch a new product category and wants to understand the potential growth areas and areas that have stagnated over a period of time. It wants to use this information to ensure its product focus is aligned to opportunities that will grow over the next 5–7 years. The customer has also provided pointers to the data set you can use.


Project 3

Domain: Social Media

As part of a recruiting exercise of the biggest social media company, they asked candidates to analyze data set from Stack Exchange. We will be using similar data set to arrive at certain key insights.


Project 4

Domain: Education

Your company has recently bagged a large assignment from a US-based customer that is into training and development. The larger outcome deals with launching a suite of educational and skill development programs to consumers across the globe. As part of the project, the customer wants your company to analyze a series of data sets to arrive at a prudent product mix, product positioning, and marketing strategy that will be applicable for at least a decade.


Certificate Awarding Criteria: Low-stake assessments as well as high stake assessment. If the student does not perform well in the high stake assessment, he may be asked to take the assessment again. Low-stake assessments include assignments, quizzes. High-stake assessment includes a final evaluation covering all the major sections of the curriculum. This final assessment will serve as the qualifying exam. The grading for the assessment will be done as per the following scheme:




90 and above


















Students qualifying with grades as above will be awarded the Certificate. Those who disqualify will be required to take re-examination.

Course Code : AC013
Duration: 3 Months