Why Amity Certified

Our platform provides a mix of the best features of different learning modes to give you better than the best.

Get the best of both worlds - Online and Face-to-face.

Live interactive sessions from instructors, where you can get

your queries resolved as quickly as they arise.

Trust Amity to bring you only the best and most passionate instructors who will help you to take the next leap forward into the career path you desire.

What is the use of the certificate which is not endorsed by the industry you aim to get in? All our certifications have been designed after thorough discussions with industry leaders so that you have an edge in the job market.

Learn only what is practiced in the job. The curriculum of each of our certifications has been designed in consultation with industry experts so that you actually learn what is required by the industry and thus save time and cost too.

Learning happens best in a team environment. Also, the most successful projects are those that have the best teams. Amity Certified provides opportunities to the learners to interact with their peers doing the same certification course or a close relative of the course. This provides unique perspective to your learning and thus enhances your skill set.

Present day market is ever dynamic due to fast technological changes. Thus, industry is constantly looking for not just skilled people but innovative ideas. An innovative and scalable project/ idea is what any company loves to explore. Thus, Amity Certified presents a unique opportunity to you to collaborate with fellow learners for an innovative project based on the combined skill sets learned in the certification course. The group will be fully supported by our instructors to complete the project, and necessary industry exposure will be ensured by our team.

Why Amity Certified ?